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New Chat Experience [Coming Soon!]

Hey Weevils!

We are closing down Binwevilly Gang chat to bring you the ultimate Bin Weevils general based chat, where you will have the chance to talk to all the authors of Wevilly, as well as take part in weekly competitions, chat, and loads more!

Binwevillygang chat will be closing down, but the mayhem is simply being moved to, where improvements will be made to enhance your new chat experience. All member positions on Binwevillygang chat will be renewed on our new chat. The move will take place on the June 15th – 6PM GMT.


Note: For the first week only, position upgrade payments will be introduced. After the week is up, the only way of retrieving a Mod or Owner upgrade will be to earn it with good behaviour & attendance.



What’s New

– Due to popular demand, on our new chat, swearing will be enabled. Although you may not use offensive language ‘towards’ one another. This will result in a kick and ban. Please only swear responsibly.

– We will now be holding ‘weekly’ competitions every Saturday from 6pm GMT, where you’ll be able to bag yourself XATS/Days + more!

– Every month, the most well behaved member will be rewarded with a Bin-Tycoon code to keep or to do what you want with.

– A rocking new background! Complete with a new blue theme (the old one hurt your eyes!)

– New rules! you asked, we listened!


Alongside that, on the opening week of our new chat, the 4 most helpful members & keen members on chat will earn themselves a 1 month Bin-Tycoon Code.


-Wevilly Cheats

Top Cat [Hunt Answers]

Hey Weevils!

To celebrate the release of the new Top Cat Movie (in cinemas June 1st) a new hunt has hit the bin! We’ve supplied the answers, that can be seen below.

Shopping Mall

Rigg’s Movie Multiplex

Tum’s Diner

Dosh’s Palace

Gam’s Castle


Also, Wevilly and Bin-Xtra author Yo Geez 1 now owns an official twitter account, click here to follow him!



Foam Fighters Bubble Hunt! [Answers]

Hi Weevils!

There’s a new hunt out and it’s spectacular! It’s called Foam Fighters and you can do many activities within the iPhone portal at Slam’s Party Box! – You can get exlcusive nest items and enter lots of competitions and much more!

Also, 6 bubbles have been hidden around the Bin for you to find and earn mulch! – We’ve found them for you …

Shopping Mall:

Dosh’s Palace:

Tum’s Diner:

Club Fling:

Figg’s Cafe:

Flum’s Fountain:

-yo geez 1

Magazine Pop Quiz Code

Hi Weevils!

There’s a new Issue #3 mag with a pop quiz which gives you another ultimate nest item code! The code  is tink57blue3dosh7 – you can redeem this at Labs Lab for a exclusive nest item!

-yo geez 1