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Wevilly Chat Party

Hey Weevils!

If you haven’t already heard, we’re getting ready for one of the most anticipated days on Wevilly Chat. It’s ‘No Rules’ day. You can do and say what you like. It really kicks off today at 5:00/8:00pm when we’ll be filming all the action for youtube.

We’ll be giving away free Tycoon Cards to random people on chat. So make sure you’re there.

Not just that, but we’re giving ‘EVERYONE’ who attends FREE XATS/DAYS. You won’t want to miss out!

Competition Winners [NEW]

Hey Weevils!

Well done to everyone who entered our Nest Designing competition. A chance to impress us with your halloween themed nest, The winners have been decided and are as followed…


1st Place – Wins a Tycoon Card, a Binweevils Joke Book and Owner/XATS/Days on chat


2nd Place – Wins a Binweevils Joke Book or Tycoon Card (optional)


Runners Up – Wins 5 Days/50 XATS on chat (Tell us if you entered)

.All other contestants

Note: Winners please speak to me on Wevilly Chat around busy hour and Ill tell you how you can claim your prize.


Weevil Drawing Contest

We recieved many brilliant joke entries for our Weevil Drawing Contest (some entered by email). Congratulations to Akshay and Toby-Xx who will both win themselves a personalized cartoon of their weevil. Well done to all other entries.

Note: If youre a winner please send an attatchment of your weevil to with any other added details on how youd like to be drawn.

Pumpkin Hunt [Answers]

Hey Weevils

The annual Pumpkin Hunt has arrived in Bin Weevils. There are 5 pieces of your pumpkin scattered in various places around the bin. Hunt down all the pieces to carve a complete smile on your pumpkins face 🙂

As always, we’ve provided you with the answers!


First head to Slam’s Party Box and obtain your free pumpkin for the hunt…

Pumpkin Lid – Shopping Mall > Click Bat on the far right to reveal the Pumpkin Lid.

Pumpkin Mouth – Inside Shopping Mall> Drag the reapers scythe over to him to reveal the Pumpkin Mouth.

Pumpkin Eye – Lab’s Lab> Drag the witches hat over to her to reveal a Pumpkin Eye.

Pumpkin Nose – Gong’s Pipenest> Set alight the four skull candles to reveal the Pumpkin Nose.

Pumpkin Eye – Mulch Island> Click the grave on the bottom left to reveal the other Pumpkin Eye.

Binweevils Long Lost BAFTA Codes

Its been long awaited, many weevils have been climbing mountains and sailiny stormy sea’s – but mostly constantly voting on differant computer systems, to get the one [well two] and only Binweevils BAFTA awards codes.

Wevilly are very proud to be the first site to ever announce the Binweevils BAFTA awards they are as followed;

– BAFTA543 [WallPaper]
– BAFTA879 [Trophie]

[My appologies if I have them mixed up]

I would also like to give a huge thanks to BinWevillyGang’s Spongebob601 for giving out the codes

Below is what you will recieve once unlocking the codes.

Halloween in Bin Weevils!

Hey Weevils!

It’s that time of year again when all is spooky. It’s Halloween!

Once again, slam’s has opened up a Halloween Party where you can grab your free ghoulish goodies from the spooky cafe. Alongside this, there’s a Halloween shop where you’ll be able to decorate your nest with “Fun” but “Spooky” loot!

Don’t forget there are plenty of chances to win great prizes! This year wevilly has opened yet another really cool nest competition! Also there is an awesome edited weevil competition where you can get your free drawing styled by Morton all you have to do it submit a joke in the posts comment section. (scroll down the home page to enter!)

There is also an upcoming ‘NO RULES’ day on Wevilly Chat, this will be happening on the 31st of October, they’ll be XATS and Days up for grabs!

Binweevils Hidden Nest Item Code

Guess what guys? I was wondering around Youtube earlier and found this unique nest item code – SECRET8. Read my video below for the whole story and what you will recieve when entering the code…

Wevilly Competition [Win Tycoon + More]

Hey Weevils!

Want to win bin-tycoon or the latest Bin Weevils Joke Book?

To celebrate halloween in the month of October, there are lots of prizes up for grabs. This competition requires your brilliant nest skills. To enter, create a halloween themed room, snap a screenie and send it to []



* Create a top-notch Halloween Themed nest room and snap a screenie!

* Paste your image onto Paint and save the file as png.

* Email your entry to (remember to include your weevil name).

* Email Subject: Wevilly Nest Design

IMPORTANT: So nobody else may take credit for your work, please ensure that your nest edit icon is visible in the screenshot!
The spookiest nests will win their creator a prize spot, depending on how up to scratch their nest is. Below is a list of prizes that can be bagged by entering the competition.


1st Prize – Tycoon Card, Binweevils Joke Book & Owner/XATS/Days on Wevilly Chat One Spot Available

2nd Prize – Binweevils Joke book or Tycoon Code [optional] Six Spots Available

Runner-ups – XATS/Days on Wevilly Chat All Other Entries

All courtesy of Wevilly [so get Creative!]

Deadline for this competition is 31st October