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Daily Crown & Bubble [30/4/11]

Hey Weevils! Today ‘Daily Crown’ is located at ‘Kips Scrapyard’ alongside the ‘Stamford Bubble’ which is also located at ‘Kips Scrapyard’

Daily Crown & Bubble [29/4/11]

Morning Weevils, Todays ‘Daily Crown’ is located at ‘Peel Park’ whereas the ‘Stamford Bubble’ is located at ‘Kips Scrapyard’

Daily Crown & Bubble [28/4/11]

Good Morning Weevils! Todays ‘Daily Crown’ is located at ‘Peel Park’ [Clear View] Whereas the ‘Stanford Bubble’ is located at ‘Inks Orange Peel’ [Rotate Camera]

Daily Crown & Bubble [27/4/11]

Afternoon Weevils. Todays ‘Daily Crown’ is located at’Peel Park’ [Clear View] Alongside the ‘Stamford Bubble’which is also located at ‘Peel Park’ [Camera Required]

Latest News

Hey guys, We are VERY sorry that Wevilly haven’t posted in quite a while, We have had a few problems to deal with

Have you checked out the new and TOTALLY awesome nest items that you can now get for the Bins ‘Earth Day’? If not, head down to the ‘Shopping Mall’ now and buy your own items! The nest items include some sweet new plants, a new wallpaper and ALOT more!

Not just that, but you can now head down to ‘Slams Party Box’ and join in with the Easter fun, as there is a brand new party going on, But to earn a free ‘Easter Egg Basket’ you need to complete a bubble hunt, and also a little game. So, of course, as always, we have the answers to the Bubble hunt and a guide to help with the game…

Inks Orange Peel (Red egg)
Weevil wheels track 1 (Silver egg)
Club Fling (Blue egg)
Gongs Pipenest (Purple egg)
Peel Park (Green egg)
Kips Scrapyard (Pink egg)
Flem Manor (Gold egg)

Easter Egg Combinations

Add Wevilly to your iPod/iPhone

Want to get more info from Wevilly cheats? Want to access it ASAP? Have an iPod/iPhone? Well we have the PERFECT sollution for you, just click the Safari [Internet] widget, type in on the address bar, then finally click the + sign at the bottom and it will come up with…

When you see this, click ‘Add to home screen’ then, in less then two seconds, this new widget will come up and you will have easy access to Wevilly!


Daily Crown & Bubble [15/04/2011]

Morning Weevils!

Today’s Crown is located at Ink’s Orange Peel [Rotate Camera]

Today’s Daily Stamford Bubble is located at Peel Park [Clear View]

Don’t forget we’re having our big party today at [Grime-Shopping Mall] between 6-7pm so don’t forget to be there. There will be Tycoon and Top Trumps codes up for grabs!

Also, celebrate the party throughout today on our chat.