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Bin Weevils Akshay Youtube

Hey guys,

Check out my new YouTube channel called, Bin Weevils Ak, click the first profile when you search it in YouTube! I upload videos, that give you help, tricks, tutorials, graphics & much more! Click the image below to be directed to my channel. Be sure to comment on my videos, if you would like to ask me something and please subscribe!

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Bin Weevils Blog: Weevilzed is a blog owned by Kaushik2 who has been playing this game for many years and would like to grow his new blog bigger. So we will be advertising his fantastic website on here! Click the image below of his site to go there!kaushik blog


Bin Weevils Blog: Weevily Wonder

Hey guys,

As you all may know, Wevilly has been down for the past 2 years so we would like to advertise other new amazing blogs on here to get them more views.

Please visit the blog, Weevily Wonder which is owned by Chip. Regular updates occur on there about the latest news around the Bin Scape! They give you, secret codes, bin pet help, garden designs, nest rooms, bin bots & much more!

weevily wonder.png

Pure aka Sense is the best.

Pure aka Sense is the best.

Hello Weevils!

Yes, it’s me Chris here. You may be wondering why there isn’t as much posts as there use to be. The site has kind of gone inactive and we haven’t been posting as certain members have left (including me). I’d like to thank you all for visiting this site, it has been great. This site will remain here as a memory of Wevilly so have a look around to see what it was like. Thank you!

Best Regards,

From the Wevilly Team.

Winter Wishes!

Hi Weevils!

On behalf of Morton and all the authors, Wevilly would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

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Tink’s Blocks Game!

Hi Weevils!

Think you’re good at Tink’s Blocks on Mulch Island? Why not try the new version which has been specially made for mobiles; available in the Apple Store. It’s got great new puzzles and looks amazing but does cost a little bit to buy! Take a look at the exciting screenshot below and tell us what you think via the comments!

Tinks Blocks

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