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Pure aka Sense is the best.

Pure aka Sense is the best.

Wevilly blog page hacked!

Hi its Akshay here,

As you all may know our blog got hacked by people called, “Bin Leaks”? You do not need to worry as they only hacked into the blog. It is pretty obvious how they had did it; they first hacked Vaner’s and Racing Dudes WordPress account as their password might of been the same as their weevils so adrian and pure hacked into the Bin Weevils database and got Racing Dudes and Vaners password and tried it for their WordPress account. I know this because they only could post from Raceys and Vaners account as their passwords were the same as their weevils, in addition they could only edit the main blog page as Morton only has control of editing the other pages. If he atchually hacked the website another way which he did not, he would of be able to edit other pages and hack mine (Akshay’s), Morton’s, and yo geez 1’s accounts. If you do not want your website hacked make sure the authors and yourself have different passwords for your weevil and WordPress account. Adrian and Pure can not hack into the Bin Weevils database now so don’t worry. They are not professional hackers if that is what they call them. They are only like 14-15 years old and they are very sad hacking into a kids game.

P.S Thanks for the abusive comments Adrian, childish person. wevilly animation

Hello Weevils!

Yes, it’s me Chris here. You may be wondering why there isn’t as much posts as there use to be. The site has kind of gone inactive and we haven’t been posting as certain members have left (including me). I’d like to thank you all for visiting this site, it has been great. This site will remain here as a memory of Wevilly so have a look around to see what it was like. Thank you!

Best Regards,

From the Wevilly Team.

The Mascot reaches Level 50!

Heyy Guys its Akshay here!

The Wevilly mascot called The Mascot has leveled up to level 50!!! Thats spectacular all with Morton’s and Akshay’s help!! It will soon reach level 65 and we might be updating Wevilly is possible so stay tuned. Also here is a tip how to level up fast first of all get tycoon and buy the deluxe big garden so you can plant more plants then you normally would, get loads and loads of mulch by planting and then when XP Potions come in Nestco buy them as many as you can! ALSO: If you know                how to overlap plants then do that you will level incredibly fast.



Winter Wishes!

Hi Weevils!

On behalf of Morton and all the authors, Wevilly would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

-yo geez 1

Tink’s Blocks Game!

Hi Weevils!

Think you’re good at Tink’s Blocks on Mulch Island? Why not try the new version which has been specially made for mobiles; available in the Apple Store. It’s got great new puzzles and looks amazing but does cost a little bit to buy! Take a look at the exciting screenshot below and tell us what you think via the comments!

Tinks Blocks

-yo geez 1

Weekend Puzzle Challenge Code!

Hi Weevils!

This week’s Weekend Puzzle Challenge is all about Halloween Trick-or-Treating and the amount of candy our wevilly friends have collected together! The answer code is: BUNTYZING2 – redeem this code at Lab’s Lab for an exclusive poster!

The Bin Halloween party may be arriving soon as well so keep an eye out for an amazing change at Slam’s Party Box!


-yo geez 1


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