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Danger at Dosh’s Palace [Mission Walkthrough]

Hey Weevils!

The newest Bin Weevils mission has freshly hit Gam’s Castle! And we’ve provided you with a helpful step-by-step video walkthrough to get you started. The new mission, Danger at Dosh’s Palace is located in the Special Ops room at Gam’s Castle, and the mission is required a minimum level of 7 or higher.

Note: This mission is Tycoon Only.


Puss In Boot Hunt [Answers]

Hey Weevils!

To celebrate the launch of the new movie Puss In Boots in cinemas December 9th, a new hunt has hit the bin! Route around and collect 5 various bubbles hidden throughout the bin. Find them all to be in with the chance of winning 20,000 Mulch!

We’ve supplied the answers

The first bubble is located at The Shopping Mall.

The second bubble is located at Rigg’s Movie Multiplex.

The third bubble is located at Dosh’s Palace.

The fourth bubble is located at Gam’s Castle.

The fifth bubble is located at Tum’s Diner.


Weekend Puzzle Challenge 41 [Code]

Hey Weevils!

Here is the correct answer for this weeks Weekend Puzzle Challenge.

You are able to insert the answer into the Mystery Code Machine located at Lab’s Lab for a prize!



Xmas Tree Decoration Hunt (Answers)

Hey Weevils!

The annual Christmas Tree Decoration hunt is here. Head to Flem Manor to pick up a FREE Christmas Tree. Navigate around and collect various different decorations along the way.

Once your tree is complete you’ll receive Mulch. Bin Weevils have added that for Bin-Tycoons there will ‘apparently’ be an added bonus rewarded in January.

The answers are as follows..


Pop in for a bite – look around and you’ll see, Something festive and sweet to hang on your tree.

Tum’s Diner – Xmas Pudding

The Bin’s coolest dance floor is where you should peek Turn on the club lights, it’s some glitter you seek!

Club Fling – Disco Ball

On your way to a word search, look around carefully! Click the letters in order as quick as can be!

Flem Manor – Stocking

Hey you! Feeling Brainy? Why not go for a quiz! There is something nearby to collect, genius whiz!

Lab’s Lab – Presents

One frosty fellow who’s pleasant to greet Put him together for a festive treat!

Rigg’s Movie Multiplex – Snowman (Drag snowman bits to body to reveal candy cane)

I love swimming and splashing in the Mulch Island sea, An ornament awaits you if you click on me!

Mulch Island – Silver Fish

Jingle all the way! E E E E E E E G C D E

Dirt Vallery Track 1 – Rainbow Bauble (Click the above code in order to play Jingle Bells)

In the shop where you’d venture to buy a cute pet, pop all the balloons, and see what you get!

Bin Pet Shop – Bin Pet (Pop the 6 balloons to reveal a bin pet)

Stand in front of the palace, and don’t you be late! Break through the ice and see what awaits!

Dosh’s Palace – Mulch

Feeling up for a haggle? Now where should you go? While you’re there you should light up the candles, you know!

Gong’s Pipenest – Scribbles

In front of the Manor, it’s shining so bright. What a perfect tree topper for that tree on the right!

Flem Manor Opening – Fairy Tink


Job well done, your tree is now fully flourished. But you can swallow your luck, as Bin Weevils never let us keep the seasonal hunt items.

We were unable to retain our Pumpkins from Halloween and our Decorative Tree from past Christmas’s, yet we’re still able to keep the seasonal furniture we purchase from the Shopping Mall.

What’s up with that Bin Weevils!?


There was also a recent new mission, but has since been removed from Special Ops Missions. The Bin Weevils team have also removed the recent blog on What’s New post regarding the new mission.

We’re very certain there are a few bugs and glitches linked to the game that the Bin Weevils team need to sort out. So the new mission walkthrough should be up on Wevilly shortly.



Open Author Positions!

It’s hard to believe wevilly is almost a year old. We’ve always had great success with Wevilly, we’re one of the leading Bin Weevils Cheat Blogs and we’re constantly surfacing alongside other close competititors.

We’re looking for 1-2 authors to join our ever growing cheats site.

Being a Wevilly author comes with the added benefit of being famous in the bin. What’s more, you’ll also gain  ownership to Our ever growing, Popular Chat.

Here’s What To Do

To become a Wevilly Author, reply to this post with the following details…

Weevil Name

Weevil Level

Human Age

Why do you want to join wevilly?

What can you give to wevilly?

Anything Else? [Optional]

The deadline for this competition is January 1st, 2012.

.Try and make your post clean and simple.

.Grammar is key [use a spell checker if you’re uncertain]

.If you’ve entered in the past, you will have to re-enter.


Note: What you’re reading now is a very old post, we’ve bumped it by nearly a year so you can get a clearer idea on how to submit. Entries made in the last 2 months up to now will also be considered.



Big Tycoon Giveaway!!

Hey Weevils!

We hope you’re all having a great start to a new December! As with every holiday season, we’re suckers for competitions!

We have 6 available Tycoon Codes up for grabs! 3 to be won from each competition. The two competitions are listed below, and you pick a competition to enter, or you can enter both to improve your chances!


Nest Designs

1.Create a Christmas themed nest room (get creative!)

3.Paste your image onto paint and save the file as png.

2.Send your entry off to (remember to include your weevil name).

3.Three winners will be picked out on December 31st

Good Luck!


Site Contributor

1.Contribute as much as you can to Wevilly during the month of December.

How to contribute

.Be helpful to members around the site (eg. answer any questions)

.Try to leave positive and helpful comments around the site.

.Post comments everywhere (avoid spamming)

.Get involved with the Wevilly Chatbox.

Good Luck!


The deadline for both competitions is December 31st, 2011.



Codes, Codes & More Codes!

Codes, codes, codes! They’re absolutely everywhere, they have without a doubt taken the bin by storm. Requests for Bin Weevils codes couldn’t be any more anticipated.

They can be spotted as promo advertisements on other sites, magazines, books, etc. So you can keep a sharp eye out for them. Alternatively, you can just let us do all the work for you! [Option 2 is easier]

Codes offer one of 3 things. A Nest Item, Mulch, XP, and sometimes all three once  redeemed!

To showcase the available codes in Bin Weevils, we’ve set up Codes. a page with 35 starting codes. Over time, more codes will be added to the page. You can even contribute and get credit for your code!

Note: We might occasionally give away prizes to keen contributors.