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New Binweevils Magazine?

Hey guys

Today, as I was flickering through some if Binweevils’ posts on the Binweevils Blog I came accross a post about Magazine Ideas.. And, by the sound of it, it looks as if they’re gathering up ideas to make a BRAND NEW Binweevils magazine in real life! As soon as more information comes out on this, we will post ASAP.

Honey Monster HQ [Cheats]

Hey Weevils!

The sweet new Honey Monster HQ has now arrived. Head over to Flem Manor and check it out now!

The first room shares similarities to a room in the last Honey Monster Party, click the bowl of Sugar Puffs to switch the room into a Top Secret HQ (sweet stuff!) literally.

You can earn 4 New Nest Items, the first couple [Radio and Poster] are free. The others require a code. I’ll just guide you through this.

For the first item and code, you merely need to register. Go here, register and enter the code you’re supplied with in the Honey Monster HQ.

Youll earn a Honey Monster Wallpaper!

Now for the second code and item. If you’re a lazy rule breaker, and you shouldn’t really do this, you can just copy the image featured on the Honey Monster site gallery, and submit that instead. (don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

We know you probably wouldn’t want to go all the way to Lincoln to snap pictures of a man in a suit, because that’s what the map suggests!

How To

1. Click Here, copy this image and save it to your computer.

2. Head to the Honey Monster Gallery.

3. Submit your image.

4. You’ll gain a code that you can then use in the Honey Monster HQ.

Youll earn a Honey Monster Carpet!


Also, there is a new hunt, collect all the various breakfast clues hidden daily around the bin to eventually (you have to collect 4) gain a Honey Monster wallpaper. We’ll stay updated, so check back tomorrow!

Today’s Honey Monster Clue is located at Peel Park, along with the Crown and Tardis.

Stay Tuned, we’ll keep you updated!

Young Sherlock [Event]

Afternoon guys.

Binweevils have created yet another event in the bin, which is, “Young Sherlock”. To celebrate the third book [Black ice] of this popular book series, Binweevils have a list of activities at Gams Castle such as..

– Two brand new Young Sherlock Holmes rooms, each with their own unique puzzles!

–  An awesome Young Sherlock Holmes nest item for your nest!

– Another unique Young Sherlock area in the library of Flem Manor!

So head down to Gams Castle right now and participate before its to late!

One last thing – What do you think of Young Sherlock? Popular or Unpopular? Why?

Author Positions [NEW!]

Hey Weevils!

We’re looking for 2-5 Wevilly authors to join our site. If you’d like to be in with the chance of being one, heres what to do…

So we’re going to choose differently. We want you all to come up with a short post based on one of the most recent events in the bin. We’ll be looking for short, simple but snappy posts, alongside good grammar.

Being a Wevilly author comes with the added benefit of being famous in the bin. What’s more, you’ll also gain  ownership to Our ever growing, Popular Chat.


.Remember to get your point across.

.Explain the event in full detail!

.You can give your post a certain style, but nothing overly vigorous.


.Always Keep your post clean!

.Remember to stay on topic [don’t tell us your new kittens!]


You’re merely giving us an example so we can see how good an author you’d actually be. Just remember to give it your best shot, and grammar is a plus, so you might benefit from using a spell checker.

Submit your post into the comment section below, and check back later in the week for the results. You may only post once!

The deadline to enter is May, 31st

=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Note: Were also looking for brainiacs to be able to solve all the weekend puzzle challenges, add a side note if youre able to complete these.

Daily Crown & Tardis [23/05/2011]

Morning Weevils!

Today’s Crown and Daily Tardis are both located at Peel Park [Clear View]

Honey Monster [Hunt]

Hey Weevils!

This is delayed, but it’s something we couldn’t leave. Bin Weevils are promoting Sugar Puffs again. And with this, comes another hunt.

There appears to only be 4 posters here. And the last poster leads you back to the start again, here are the locations.

Collect 4 posters, each poster rewards you with 50 Mulch!


Poster One – Rigg’s Movie Multiplex

Poster Two – Shopping Mall

Poster Three – Club Fling

Poster Four – Dirt Valley – Track 1

Rumour has it the Honey Monster party dated September 15, 2010 is returning as well, let’s all hope it’s not just an exact copy of the previous Honey Monster Party. If so then they’re really running out of ideas.

What they need to do is make the Honey Monster into a mascot who wanders around the bin, now that would be sw-eet!

No Crown?

Hey guys. You may have noticed that there hasn’t been any ‘Daily Crown’ posts for a while, This is because there seems to be no more ‘Daily Crown’ in the Bin… We’ve thought over this and its probably because Binweevils want to make the entire Bin 2-D again. What do you think about this whole 2-D Bin? Comment Below.