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Welcome to DRAMAQUEEN180`s review of Issue #7 of the official Bin Weevils Magazine, which went on sale today!

With Issue #7, you will receive a code for 10 free DOSH, an exclusive Mulch Mayhem trading Card of GLAMM, some Bin Weevils stickers and codes for two exclusive nest items –  Classic Car #1 and  Classic Car #2!

The first thing DRAMAQUEEN180 did was to drive along to the Mystery Code Machine  outside  Labs Lab to redeem one of  her codes for the Classic Car #2 –the code for the Classic Car #1 will be the prize for DRAMAQUEEN180`s Level 65 Competition!

The codes from the Bin Weevils Magazines are once time use ONLY!

In our picture you can see the new Classic Car #2

Classic Car #2

Once I redeemed my codes, I opened up the magazine to take a peek inside!

The magazine front and back cover removes, once you have finished reading your magazine, and you can make a cut out model of Ham`s Race Car!

Simply cut along the dotted lines, fold and tape/glue together and Hey Presto!

There is a hunt to locate 10 Monsters in a Jar throughout the magazine, so  get your weevily eyes open, to spot them!

Monty`s Weevil News

Monty catches up with Jam the guitarist for an interview. Mulch island Ruins Nest Items coming soon!

Pages 6-7 – Lab`s Lab puzzle page, take the test to practice for your Daily Brain Strain!

On Pages 8-9 – Find out all about  Lab`s Lab-meet the characters and here is a TOP SECRET– There is a tunnel of passageways and secret rooms deep below Lab`s Lab and rumour is that thesws know more than they are letting on – another mission perhaps?

Turn to pages 10 – 11  which feature the comedy duo Tink and Clott in their comic strip  ”The Adventures Of Tink And Clott Building Blunders” concludes on pages 36 -37 Part 2.

Turn to pages 12 -13 to find out all about the well awaited Bin Bots which are available to collect!  There are 2 families of Bin Bot – Bin Mechs and Bin Bugs! Each Bin Bot has its own unique name and has likes and dislikes.  

Pages 14 – 15 Tum`s tasty Teasers puzzle page.

Flick to Page 16 -17 for Monty`s Inside Info –  featuring interviews from weevils to monty himself, and what a surprise to see a question from thedoctor999, creator of the blog Mulch Mayhem!

Pages 18 – 19 feature Snappy`s Photography workshop where we find out how Bin tycoons can take creative and super snap!

Page 20 – Flems Puzzle page, featuring a wordsearch and Spot the Difference puzzle!

Centre Page is a Flam Top pilot Poster for you to decorate your very own room!

Pages 24 -25 There is a survey for 10 lucky winners  to win some fantastic Bin weevils Toys!

Sum`s Super Suduko puzzle page.

On Pages 26 – 27 we get to see who won MUDD`S best garden and I`m sad to see that it wasn`t me this time , oh well there is always next time lol!  Congratulations to the winner GREENBEAN2222and to the runners-up – monster4112, pollyploy and ellieella516!

Pages 28 – 29 is all about Weevil X – We find out that Weevil X`s true identity is hidden behind a mask and he is never seen without it.  Weevil X was first noticed in the mission The Lost Bin Pet when lady Wawa`s Bin Pet was kidnapped!

On Pages 30-31 there is a sws Raiders Of the Lost bin pet puzzle challenge-complete all the challenges to find The Lost Bin Pet.  Don`t forget you can try this mission on Bin Weevils by heading over to Castle Gam to take part!

Pages 34 – 35 We find out the winners of Best Nest as awarded by GLAMM!  Congratulations to the winner anz who wins a fabulous GLAMM trophy for such a fantastic nest!  Congratulations also to the runners-up – Zangala, isharabheish and spirit9960.  Don`t forget to keep checking the What`s New Blog to find out GLAMM`s next visit!

Pages 40 -41 feature Your Weevily Awesome Art entries. The Winner for The Best Picture is awarded to smallnonny81, who receives an exclusive trophy for her fabulous picture of Dosh! Also featured are pictures from roseey898, ogspin and diamond112.

Well done to all those entrants and don`t forget if you would like your art work to have a chance at been featured in the Bin Weevils Magazine, then get busy drawing, and get them sent in!

That is the end of the extensive review of the Bin Weevils Magazine issue #6 from DRAMAQUEEN180, hope you enjoyed it!

In the next issue of Bin Weevils Magazine, which goes on sale on October 17th, there will be  aspecial mystery code with prizes including xp, Dosh, exclusive nest items and mulch worth up to100,000 mulch! an exclusive limited edition MUDD trading Card, free DOSH, and 2 free exclusive nest items  – Haunted Mirror and The winning item from the DESIGN A GADGET competition!

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