The Ultimate Bin Weevils Cheat Place

The Zookeeper

Hey weevils a new challenge is out and we have the answers! First you have to find the zoo, you can either go to the shopping mall press on the scarf bubble and it has a button saying “go to zoo” or you can go through the airport. once your at the zoo click on griffin (the tall guy) and he shows you the trailer after that it says find the bear pen so go through the arrow…  (look below for directions)

First click on number one ( labelled above ) and go find the fish the fish is in tums by the till, Secondly go back to the zoo and click number two go find the scarf at the shopping mall,       thrid click number three and go to tinks tree to get the wolf his leaves ,                                      Forth click number four and go get the gorilla his shirt at the shopping mall .

Now you have completed the zoo bit collect your free nest item and do the wordsearch



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  1. Your back? I thought you left?

    July 13, 2011 at 7:16 am

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