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Xterminator Magazine: Issue 6

Evening Weevils!

Alot of you were asking me to make another magazine. You know, just as a one off. So I’ve done just that! Xterminator Issue 6 is jam packed with Glitches! New Rumours! New Artwork! and much, much more!

Slight problem with the ‘Weevils Say The Wackiest Things’ section though. As Binweevils decided to replace the original snapshot with an almost humourless picture of me saying ‘The Milkybars are on me’.

[You’ll have to laugh at me instead]

On the upside, there is alot more to explore, and I may continue making mags, purely depending on whether they turn out to be crowd pleasers or not…

So Click Here to check it out now! [you must be logged in] ;)

One response

  1. LLOYD 6

    The milkybars are on me xD

    February 7, 2011 at 4:12 pm

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